The development of the Russian vaccines against coronavirus is comparable to the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite by the Soviet Union, said CEO of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev said. It is reported by CNN.

It is noted that to approve a vaccine created in the Institute name Gamalei, scheduled no later than August 10.

“Americans were surprised to hear the satellite signals. Same with the vaccine. Russia will be first” — said Dmitriev.

He added that Russian scientists, the main task is to protect the people, “not to be first.”

July 20, ended clinical trials of the vaccine, the Ministry of defense and the center of Gamaliel — the day of the military hospital, was discharged a second group of volunteers from 20 people. Minister of health Michael Murashko said that the vaccine COVID-19 according to the results of clinical trials have proven its efficacy and safety. Also Murashko said that the registration of the first vaccine against a coronavirus in Russia is scheduled for August 2020.