Russian universities in the new QS rankings of the best universities in the world

In the top 50 there were 9 programs of Russian universities. Five programs from the University. University, and one program from the St. Petersburg mining University, the Moscow state Conservatory. Tchaikovsky, Misa and the Higher school of Economics.

MSU this year showed the best result for all history of participation of the University in the subject rankings of QS: 21 in the direction “Natural Sciences” and 47th in the “Arts and Humanities”. For individual subjects, e.g., “Linguistics”, “Physics and astronomy”, “Modern languages”, “Mathematics”, “Management of hotel business of the Moscow University also got fifty of the best.

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS Russian universities got into the ranking of the most international universities

“in recent years Moscow University traditionally receives good marks in international rankings of universities. A deservedly high score received work of natural-science schools and departments of the University, strengthened its international positions linguists, a good performance from physicists and mathematicians, – the press service quoted MSU rector, academician Viktor Sadovnichy. – Do not remain without attention of leading foreign experts, the work of the University in the field of social Sciences and management, engineering, and technology.”

Actively represented in the ranking of universities-participants of the Project 5-100. So, in the hundred best universities in the world in various areas include HSE (“Social Sciences and management”), Novosibirsk state University MIPT (“science”). MIPT, by the way, this is the first year ranked in the top 100 industry rankings QS.

But the steep jump in the more than 100 positions in the ranking in the field of “Arts and Humanities” – made Ural Federal University. He is now in the top 300. With it TGFrom (“Arts and Humanities”), MIPT, ITMO University, MISIS, TPU and MEPI (“Engineering and technology”) and ITMO University (Natural science).

as individual items, from the universities-participants of the Project 5-100 is now in its fourth year its position in the top 50 in the specialty “Engineering in mining and mineral production” saves Misa. For the first time in this category – Higher school of Economics, majoring in “Politics and international relations.”

the Results of this year – probably the most spectacular demonstration of the effectiveness of the Project 5-100, says the regional Director of the ratings of QS Zoya Zaytseva. Educational programs, climbed the rankings this year about four times more than those who have lost their positions. 26 programs implemented in the universities of the Project 5-10 this year was ranked for the first time.


Viktor Koksharov, rector of Ural Federal University:

With the support of RF and RFBR in the laboratories of our University are the joint with foreign scientists research. Our toponymic laboratory has completed major projects for the study of the North-Russian vocabulary, and archaeological research laboratory project for the study of Russian cultural and religious identity. We launched the digital resource “registry of the population of the Urals”. This year, Urfu centre of digital technology to preserve historical and cultural heritage. Thanks to the 5-100 Project increases the credibility of our scientific schools in the world that attract more young researchers under the age of 39 years. The University has reached the world level. This contributes to the graduation of masters and doctoral students from foreign countries – only for it areas this year, three times more.

Vitalii Bagan, Vice-rector for research and development programs at MIPT:

Photo: Rattankun Thongbun / iStock Depend on whether the success of the University on a scientific degree of the head

– the Moscow physical-technical Institute actively develops new directions and beyond our traditional region. In physics we enter the top hundred in the QS and in the top 50 best universities in the world according to THE. The results of the new QS show: Moscow Phystech is actively growing and in related fields: natural Sciences, mathematics, chemistry, materials science. By the way, in two-dimensional materials we are preparing an application for the center of world level. Working together with Nobel laureates – our graduates Konstantin Novoselov and Andrey Geim. And we are very interested in the fact that the guys who come to us, the best students were engaged in leading research and development on the most relevant and popular destinations.

Alevtina Chernikova, rector nust “Misa”:

for the First time becoming a member of the QS in 2014, Mrs for six years significantly strengthened its position, moving from the group of 750+ in 451st place. Today we are in eight industry-specific and subject ratings. By the end of 2019, the University confirmed its position in the top 50 in the direction of “Engineering in mining and production of minerals” and in the group of 101+ on materials science. From Misa today the first place among Russian universities in the field of materials science.