Russian tourists were asked to leave the resorts of Italy


7-day isolation

a Lot of calls, messages. Send all tips, advice that supposedly would help prevent or relive the coronavirus. From all I most like about hot drinks and liqueurs. Made from the extracted juice from the freezer buckthorn and rhubarb. At the same time and vitamin C.

Photo: EPA Who will pay for overseas treatment of Russian tourists from the coronavirus

But I have the impression that a growing snowball of misunderstanding and fear. “You’re not going to go to work? Are you bad at home?” – from afar starts a colleague. And, like, support, and I feel afraid.

From all this distracting message friends that are on March 8 and flew to ski in the Italian Alps. On 8 March, Italy was already all clear, but they were released from Russia and allowed the country affected by the spread COVID-19. First, there are all lot of people. But on 9 March, the ropeway stopped, standing on the mountain, the boys, except myself, nobody was found. The information center they said, they so go.

March 10 vibrant Italian ski resort of Aosta appeared completely extinct, the museums were closed. In stores allowed at a time. The landlord was advised before it was too late to leave Italy.

Austria has banned entry of travelers from Italy

Friends went to Austria, but on 11 March all the way in this direction was cut off. And laughter, and sin. I remembered pastor Schlag from “Seventeen moments of spring” and moved to the Swiss border, and from there to Austria. Actually, nowhere, no one stopped (passport only looked).

And nothing could be happy. But on March 13 the Federal air transport Agency imposed the temporary ban on passenger air transportation between Russia and Italy, Germany, Spain, France. And now to fly home, is not clear. Misleading friends that S7 Airlines to return travelers organizes Charter flights. As all will be actually, not very clear. Wait and worry.

Photo: Reuters/ Masahiro Sugimoto On the liner in the Caribbean sea due to coronavirus blocked 38 Russians

Yes, except my friends fell into the trap of coronavirus? Abroad many Russian tourists. How will they get home?

Information is changing rapidly. Closed borders, educational and cultural institutions, are canceled or transferred large forums and concerts.

In Novosibirsk under threat of cancellation of the international forum “TechnoProm”, “Transport of Siberia” and “Uchsib”. Upset that the program is a long-awaited TRANS-Siberian art-festival will be reduced.

Friends from Italy, USA, Czech Republic writing: “I Sit at home. It is impossible to go anywhere. Cancelled all events”. “Students transferred to the remote control, the school is closed for fumigation”. “Children at home, study online. Normally, it’s better so.”

Well, if the measures taken will help. Survive and catch up. And remember: do not panic, sneeze into elbow, wash hands often. And efficiently close gaps in the defense against the virus.

the CPS note

Commemorating the alertness of colleagues, I finally decided to hand over the analysis on the coronavirus. Yesterday, remember, called his clinic. The receptionist advised me to go to the district or infectious disease. To go to the clinic don’t want to. Don’t want to sit in a queue with coughing people with the temperature. Dial a phone pay the lab. Answer: “Tests for coronavirus not accept.”

Photo: Zhang Yuwei/Xinhua via AP What you need to know about the coronavirus: prevention and where to take the test

Call in the clinical diagnostic center of the City infectious clinical hospital № 1 of Novosibirsk. On site there is a phone number of infectious disease: 240-84-17. Listen to tube music about 15 minutes. And why specify the phones on which it is impossible to get through?

Gaining the first: 218-17-62. I get redirected to the phone “112” system and emergency operative services. Again the circle is closed: there I called yesterday. All this is more like Groundhog Day.

again Gain. This time, let hesitant, but I read the manual, which is posted on its website the MHC region. Still at risk people who have returned from four countries: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy. “If you feel well, you go to your clinic if there are symptoms, call a physician. And take care of yourself,” advises service “112”.

the problem with testing for coronavirus remains open.