waiting for Russian tourists abroad. Readiness to accept travelers “tomorrow” announced 8 countries. Turkey, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Maldives, Croatia, Egypt and UAE. However, the CPS believes that the first aircraft due to fly to Mongolia and Vietnam — countries that are far from the first positions in the ranking of popular destinations among Russians. Experts believe that the authorities do not want to stop the flow of tourists, which goes to the beaches of Adler and Anapa, therefore, the maximum delay with the resumption of international traffic: not all the money travelers left at the domestic resorts.

Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze has named 8 countries ready to accept Russian tourists “tomorrow”. Talking about Turkey, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Maldives, Croatia, Egypt and UAE. Also according to her, soon opening the borders for domestic travelers can declare Spain and Italy.

it would Seem that a chic choice for Russian tourists, dreaming about a vacation abroad. But not so simple. The CPS allows the flight there, where it is the most relaxed situation for the coronavirus: nine European countries, China, Sri Lanka, Mongolia and Vietnam.

To the Russian tourists were able to fly to Turkey or Italy, not only intentions of these countries, still need the decision of the CPS, but it is not — the Agency evaluates the situation with coronavirus in its methodology, says the first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal. “Massive open overseas routes in the near future can be expected — in Russia, the pandemic is declining slowly, the resurgence of morbidity because of the open tourist areas nobody wants,” — said the expert.

Indeed, the official version of why don’t want to open the Turkey for Russian tourists — the bad epidemiological situation in the country. If you look at the statistics, this country is still a high incidence. It is much higher than, for example, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany. Similar story with other countries that entered the list of the CPS.

But independent experts suspect that it is not only caring for the health of Russian tourists, but in the income of domestic resorts, which are due to restrictions on foreign travel, get a serious competitive advantage.

“to Deny the fact that Russia is not profitable to open the Turkey – pointless — emphasizes the leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. — Turkey after the closure of the Egypt has become the most popular destination for Russian tourists. Therefore, the government is clearly not opposed to this summer, our tourists pRovelli in Russia and spent the money within the country. Moreover, the stagnating economy needs any support.”

a Partial resumption of flights is expected to August 2020, and fully restored by the beginning of 2021, says the lawyer, managing partner of AVG Legal Alex Gavrishev. “The cost of travel will continue to grow due to high demand,” he said.

meanwhile, it is obvious that the devaluation of the ruble has led to an increase in the cost of tours and tickets. High demand, the loss of carriers due to the coronavirus that causes all contribute to the rise of prices, although the players of the tourism industry swear and swear that raising prices will not.

Emptying the wallets of travellers are willing to contribute to the state Duma, which for the second time postponed the consideration of the law on “E-voucher”. Work on the document is delayed, including due to the opposition of the professional community. Tour operators warn that the cost of their services will increase because of the additional financial burden: collection of the service fee for the maintenance of servers, staff, software, storage of the increasing amount of personal data. Naturally, all additional costs will be borne by consumers: vacationers and tourists. The adoption of the “raw” draft law on electronic voucher could finally finish the tourism industry, said Lomidze.