Russian tourists began to abandon the cruises in Southeast Asia

for fear of the coronavirus Russian tourists have started to refuse cruises, said press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina.

“There is a failure of cruises, and not only in Asia but in other regions of the world. And not only for the near future. Tourists are even ready to penalties,” — said Tyurin in interview to “Interfax”.

this bounce from cruises in other regions of the world is not enough, but cruises in South East Asia cancel many Russians. Tour operators canceled cruises or change the routes of cruises in South-East Asia. “About 70% of the tourists agreed to change the routes, the rest returned the cost of the cruise”, — explained Tyurin.

Tourists waiting, the demand decreased. Sales from some tour operators dropped by 10-15% in annual terms. Suffered even river cruises on vessels chartered only under the Russians, where Chinese tourists there. “This is especially frustrating, because now approaching the traditional peak sales summer cruises. On the other hand, the market of river cruises will recover faster than the sea”, — said Tyurin.

meanwhile, Persian Gulf cruises calling at ports of the UAE and Oman, moves very well, such low prices were never mentioned. The sale of cruises in the Mediterranean sea also was not injured.