of All Russian schoolchildren have won at the Mendeleev Olympiad 8 gold medals. Gold award participants from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Belarus.

“Despite the difficult situation of the epidemic and its related constraints in the competition participated 130 people from 27 countries, – said Stepan Kalmykov. Are winners of national competitions, the best students-chemists of their countries. They played 39 bronze, 26 silver and 13 gold medals.”

“this year, the country was able to put forward a very strong team, – shared his impressions the Chairman of the jury and methodical Committee, Professor of chemical faculty Valentin Nenaidenko. – The overall winner showed a unique result, gaining more than 90% scores. It is also worth noting that according to the experts of UNESCO the task level at the Mendeleev Olympiad is higher than in the International chemistry Olympiad. However, the children mostly coped with the tasks. Many guys said that the international jury had prepared for them entertaining and fascinating tasks in various fields of chemistry.”

“Students preparing for full-scale competition, which thanks to our joint efforts for the first time had to pass outside the former Soviet Union in Hungary. – said the Executive Director of the Foundation Andrei Melnichenko Alexander Cherednik. – However, due to the coronavirus to gather in Budapest was impossible, so the test had to spend online, and restrict the two theoretical rounds”.

However, the problem booklet go back into the program of future Olympic games, said the organizing Committee. They will have to deal to the next, the 55th IMO. As announced during the awarding ceremony, the President of the International Olympic Committee in chemistry, Professor of the Budapest University of Magyarfalvi Gabor, the next Olympics will be held in Budapest.

the competition was attended by teams from Austria and Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Armenia and Israel, Belarus and Hungary, Georgia and Latvia, Iran and Kazakhstan, Estonia and Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Slovakia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, Bulgaria and Turkey, Lithuania and Syria, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan, Ukraine and China, Russia.