Russian startup recycles

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a lawsuit against the Russian company Promobot. With a startup, has created a robot double of the actor, require more than 10 million dollars compensation. It is reported by the American blog, TMZ, specializing in “green” news about celebrities. Schwarzenegger’s lawyers claim that did not give Promobot permission to use the appearance of your client.

Development Promobot called Robo-C allows you to create physical avatars for use in marketing — a kind of “talking heads”, having a relatively rich facial expressions and is even able to follow the “source” view. While with robot you can use different images mask. Also the manufacturer claims as the properties of Robo-C “emotions”, “speech recognition” and (where the same without it) “artificial intelligence”.

the Lawyers of the actor say that Schwarzenegger did not allow Promobot the use of his image, but despite this the company has repeatedly demonstrated Robo-C at exhibitions, for example, in January this year at CES in Las Vegas. After that, in the Russian startups was sent a formal demand to cease violations, to which the company agreed. However, at the end of February Promobot allegedly again kicked the Robo-C mask Schwarzenegger at Toy Fair in new York.

the spokesman Promobot Daria Bahteeva in an interview with radio station “Moscow Says” insists that the official requirements from representatives of the Schwarzenegger company has not yet received. “Recently, we did not use the brand of Schwarzenegger and their robots do not position from this point of view is that it is someone’s appearance. It’s just a robot,” she said. Bahteeva added that now Promobot never will use this appearance, so “robot like Schwarzenegger” must be disposed of.

Text: News.Hi-tech