Russian skier Bolshunov has strengthened leadership in the overall standings of the world Cup

the Closest competitor Bolshunova, in the struggle for the main prize of the season 2019/20 Norwegian Johannes Clabo ranked only eighth place, losing to the Russians not only 45 seconds, but the Cup 48 points. Now in the main classification, the separation of the Russians from the Scandinavians had grown to 465 points. That’s a lot, but we still have seven starts with a different point value wins.

Photo: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva / AFP Russian skiers were third in the relay at the world Cup stage in Lahti

In Lahti at the two-day world Cup Saturday was reserved for individual races. Bolshunov on the “tag” was launched last 60 m and at a distance knew the whole balance of the competition. In the end, Alexander only 10 seconds lost to the owner of the track Ivo Niskanen, but ahead of many Norwegians. For our skiers getting on the podium was important also in order to completely forget about the embarrassment the failure of the marathon final pursuit February “Ski Tour”. Then Bolshunov I suffered with ski – wax team did not guess the ointment when you change the weather. Went to the distance of the first, finished seventh in the standings, however, went actual, 23rd in rank time.

Now he was joking, saying that in Trondheim threw the skis in the shield fence and tore at his license plate “bib” for the TV crew. Our athlete is absolutely right that missed yesterday’s relay. Because it is in terms of fighting for the world Cup is useless, you need to save strength for the big win.

Lahti skiers went to the Norwegian Drammen. Here on March 4 will be a sprint, four days in Oslo marathon 50-kilometer mass start. Then the flight across the Atlantic because the season ends in North America. First March 14-17 in Quebec and Minneapolis (USA) will host three stage debut “Sprint Tour”, fInish struggle for personal world Cup held in Canmore (Canada) March 20-21, two of the “tag” – free style with mass start and pursuit of the classics.

the Abundance of sprints at the end of the season gives a chance of Clabo. This winter, the Norwegian has won all seven starts in this discipline! So now it is appropriate also to understand that how much in the first month of spring. Winning and prizes in the two remaining races in Norway will cost 100, 80 and 60 points respectively (lower than – 50, 45, 40 and so on up to the 30th position). The same applies to the 15-km race in Canmore. For “Sprint Tour” grading the other on each of the three stages of the prize-winners will receive 50, 46 and 43 points, the top three General classification will replenish the account for 200, 160 and 120 points. It is here that Clabo and can work on a maximum. Bolshunova it is important not to get left behind occupied seats.