Former Russian figure skater Betina Popova complained of an unhappy childhood due to sports. She wrote about this in his account Instagram.

According to a skater, she was a crazy fanatic of his craft, so she lacked the time no friends, no entertainment, no first love. In addition, trainers have cultivated in her head only three thoughts: “training, studying, not to eat.”

Popov also noted that athletes grow up quickly, they have no childhood and youth that they grow up unbalanced personalities. “Sport is not only the glitter of medals and pedestals, the thousands of broken children,” added the skater.

the 23-year-old Popov — the silver prize-winner of superiority of Russia among juniors, the winner of the bronze medal of the Junior Grand Prix final and the winner of the Universiade in ice dancing. The athlete has decided to retire in February of this year.