MOSCOW, may 25 — RIA Novosti. Scientists propose to use mice as “passengers” during the unmanned flight of the new Russian spacecraft “eagle” around the moon in 2028, said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy Director for science of the Institute biomedical problems of RAS Vladimir Sychev.

“Plans to send unmanned animals on the ship “eagle” in flight around the moon is, but it depends not only on us. Building the necessary equipment for animals will require the allocation of funding under the Federal space program of Russian Federation”, — he said.

“most Likely, it will be the mouse, because they have to send those animals which we have already studied. It would be desirable to have rats, but they are quite large, and that their number was sufficient for research, it would take too much space,” — said the scientist.

Earlier it was reported that the first test launch of the ship “eagle” will be held in August-September 2023 on launch vehicle Angara A5 from Vostochny. In 2024 it is planned unmanned in 2025 — flight of a manned spacecraft to the International space station.

In 2026 and 2027, was also planned flights “Angara”, and in 2028 — the first launch of a rocket heavy class “Yenisei”. Then, in 2028, flight test vehicle is scheduled for completion and move to its operation. In 2029, it is planned flyby of the moon on it, and in 2030-m — the landing of the Russian cosmonauts on its surface.