Russian scientists have completed the creation of test systems for antibodies to COVID

MOSCOW, April 18/ Radio Sputnik. Russian scientists have completed work on the creation of test systems to determine the presence in humans of antibodies to coronavirus.

this was reported in the Facebook head of the laboratory of transplantation immunology SMRC Hematology Gregory Efimov.

As the expert noted, the test allows not only to identify virus recover, but also to identify people with a high concentration of antibodies. In the future, their plasma can be used for the treatment of patients in whom the infection is severe.

is Expected to soon start clinical trials of the developed test systems. If the results are deemed successful, then begin their registration.

currently in Russia more than 32 thousand people infected with coronavirus, recovered 2.5 thousand patients died 273.

on the Eve radio Sputnik reported that Malyshev found the positive side of coronavirus.

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