Fully updated all 30 of the commissions published on the official website of the International Olympic Committee.

President of the ROC, the quadruple Olympic champion Stanislav Pozdnyakov approved for another term member of the Commission on the Olympic program. The Minister of sport of the Russian Federation, the President of FISU Oleg Matytsin worked in the Commission of Olympic education, as the Secretary-General of the ROC Anastasia Davydova. Extended the authority of the Deputy Director General R & d – chief of staff of the President of the ROC Rodion Pletuhin in the Commission “Sport and society”.

Total commissions of the IOC, according to a press release of the Russian Olympic Committee, represented by nine Russians, including the President of the International shooting sport Federation (ISSF) Vladimir Lisin (marketing Commission), the President of the Russian tennis Federation, member of the Executive Committee of the ROC Shamil Tarpischev (the Commission “environment of the athletes”), the President of the International fencing Federation (FIE) Alisher Usmanov (Commission for the Olympic canal), Olympic champion in the pole vault, member of the Executive Committee of the ROC Yelena Isinbayeva (Commission athletes Commission “environment of the athletes”) and Olga Sexton-Becker (Commission on Olympic channel the IOC Young Leaders program).