Russian Renault Kaptur will move to the platform

Renault has started to declassify its plans for a “trolley”, developed for cross-coupe Arkana: before the middle of the year it will be the basis for another crossover company. Along the way, “Capture” and promised a new powertrain, and a host of other innovations.

However, while the details of the company to not go in a hurry. “The specialists of Renault Russia has taken into account all the wishes of the owners of the first generation Renault Kaptur and brought crossover to a new level in terms of technology, dynamics, comfort and practicality in conditions of the Russian operation,” in such expressions describes the upcoming update.

Kaptur borrow a familiar “lasso” 1.33 litre turbo TCe 150 with the recoil, as you can guess, 150 “horses”, and it will work exactly the same variator and AWD system. Also mentions “new sled chassis tuning”, but did not specify a new they will be compared to “Arcanol” or with an actual crossover.

in addition, Kaptur needs to acquire a completely redesigned interior, a new multimedia system (it is possible, again from the “Arcana) and some unique to the segment options. Expect some iconic changes in appearance crossover is not necessary.

thoroughly updated to Debut Renault Kaptur for the Russian market needs in the first half of this year.

Text: Avtovesti