Russian Renault crossovers learned to be updated

the Company claims its superiority on the Russian market in the matter of the application of the automatic updates: to upgrade software of the multimedia system Easy Link no longer need to drive to the dealer. The first will update the firmware on Renault Arkana.

Download the new software occurs in the background and does not affect the operation of the onboard multimedia. However, when the system detects any updates, it will prompt the driver to set them in the Parking lot and complete the process yourself, even if there’s no driver in the cabin.

At Renault, stressed that the ability to update the firmware “over the air” has appeared in 1 500 owners cross-coupe Arkana. In the near future it will extend to all the owners of the SUV, and later, on the other Renault with multimedia Easy Link.

a firmware Update, distributed by the firm now needs to improve the system performance and make the Bluetooth connection more stable.

it is considered that the first in the automotive industry the ability to upgrade software without wired connections got the electric car company Tesla. Meanwhile, in January, about update multimedia has announced the Russian office Lexus: some model 2017-2019 model years will provide features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But to do this will be in contrast to the only-by-wire Renault and the dealer.

Text: Avtovesti