Russian politicians commented on the criticism the assistance of Italy in fighting the coronavirus

Political figures of Russia commented on the publication of La Stampa regarding the assistance of Italy in fighting the coronavirus COVID-19.

Earlier in the newspaper article appeared in which it was noted that 80 percent of the equipment sold to Russia to help Italy, “useless” in the treatment of coronavirus. According to the newspaper, so Moscow seeks “to satisfy political ambitions”.

Senator Vladimir Jabbarov called the behavior of the newspaper La Stampa inappropriate, noting that the easiest thing to criticize, sitting in warm offices. Jabbarov said that virologists from Russia are doing their work, and to such vile articles, “we won’t respond”. When complete suppression of coronavirus, the Russian side will appreciate the people of Italy.

the Senator also said that the pandemic is irrelevant to the sanctions and does not imply a response from the Italian authorities.

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova also appreciated an article published in the newspaper: “My opinion is simple: why comment on them unnamed sources?”

On the resonance publication responded and Senator Alexei Pushkov expressed the opinion that she “instigated by the enemies of Russia”. Pushkov noted that the leadership of Italy and all Italians thank Moscow. And only La Stampa against. The politician stressed that it is unlikely that this publication will somehow be able to influence public opinion in the country.

the head of the region Lombardy Attilio Fontana also commented on the article of La Stampa, calling it part of the political debate. He added that he tries not to participate, and quoted lines from “the divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri: “They are not the words: look – and by.” Fountain at that, thanked Russia for support and help.

After negotiations with the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent the Russian military in Italy for assist in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19. Arrived forces are equipped with mobile complexes of disinfection and laboratories to identify the pathogen, according to RIA Novosti.

According to the latest data, Lombardy is ahead of other regions of Italy for number of infections and deaths. In the lack of equipment in hospitals. Extra built field hospitals, Convention centers and other non-core companies converted to hospitals for admission of patients with coronavirus.