the Russian striker “Ural” Andrey Panyukov admitted that he enjoys reading historical books, and shared his opinion about the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler after meeting with the software latest book “Mein Kampf”. The words of the player leads to “the day”.

the 25-year-old Panyukov said that after reading the book (forbidden on the territory of the Russian Federation) considers Hitler a strong politician. The athlete admitted that the German leader was mentally ill. According to panyukova, German ruined “hatred of Jews”.

in addition, Panyukov praised the role of Joseph Stalin in history. He stressed that the Soviet leader has affected the course of the great Patriotic war and led the USSR to victory.

Panyukov known for his “Ural” and “Zenith” and Moscow “Dynamo”. Player scored and play for European clubs. In particular, on account of his 23 matches for the French “Ajaccio”.