Russian nurse, working in one of the hospitals in Vladimir region, showed severe burns, which he received after wearing the hazmat suit. Related pictures the girl posted on his Instagram account.

According to the Russians, in the hospital where she worked, doctors and other medical staff are forced to wear a disposable hazmat suits several times. In this case, to disinfect the costumes, they are soaked in bleach.

“this chemical burn 2nd degree”, signed nurse photos, which show burns on her face.

What is the hospital working girl, is not specified.

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2 may it was reported that the ambulance doctor Alexander Shulepov, who worked in the hospital in Novousmanskiy, Voronezh region, fell from the window of the medical facility where he was treated after Negi was diagnosed with coronavirus. It was noted that this Shulepov complained that he is forced to work even after he found no infection, and told that physicians do not provide protection and are not tested for the coronavirus.

In mid-April, an ambulance paramedic from Novosibirsk said to have contracted the coronavirus from a patient for lack of protection, particularly gas masks. According to him, infectious brigade, who needs to go to the nationals with suspected mers was ill-equipped.