could It be that Artemi Panarin, of the was drunk 27-year-old Russian Pro NHL player, as he was driving last week, “his” head of state Vladimir Putin in an Interview, mercilessly, at the cart. Finally, last year’s Top promised-Scorer from the Columbus Blue Jackets a distillery in Ohio, life-long free Vodka when he extended his contract with the Blues.

However, Panarin has beat the offer, changes to the upcoming NHL season to the New York Rangers. And criticized as one of its first acts, the new club of Vladimir Putin, quite sober – for a Russian athlete is unusually hard.

“I don’t think he knows more what is right or wrong,” says Panarin. Psychologically, it is not easy to properly assess the Situation. “The President has so many people that influence him in his decisions. But if he has this to say during 20 years, what he was in for a great ‘Guy’ and what a good Job he is doing, he will never realize the errors of their own.”

“In Russia is not possible”

The NHL-Star goes against Putin even more. “We have in Russia only two cities, which are developing in Moscow and St. Petersburg. All the Rest is a joke.” Almost all of the money from the entire state of flow to Moscow, the other cities remain nothing.”

Suspects Artemi Panarin, what is coming after these statements to him? “In Russian society, the Belief still prevails that if you say something Bad about the company or the government, then they will be killed or poisoned. This must not happen any more. Here, when a sports Star speaks badly about the US President, happened to him nothing. In Russia this is not possible.” (red)