the Ship was developed in the course of the project “Borey”.

the combat strength of the Russian Navy included nuclear submarine missile cruiser of strategic appointment “Prince Vladimir”. The submarine was developed under the auspices of the project 955A (code “Borey”). The construction of the vessel took almost eight years. As previously reported in the defense Ministry, “Prince Vladimir” should have compared to other ships, less noise, better system of maneuvering and retain the depth as well as an improved weapons control system.

“the Day of Russia in the Navy Fleet solemnly adopted the newest missile submarine strategic purpose of the project “Borey” “Prince Vladimir”, — said the defense Ministry. It was said that the ceremony of raising the flag took place under the leadership of commander of the Navy of Russia of Admiral Nicholas evmenova.

the Admiral, in turn, said that submarine crew ready for action and has proven itself during tests conducted last fall. Sailors are trained on the latest programs in the Training center of the Navy, the crew tested a submarine and is ready for its operation, said Evmenov.

“Prince Vladimir” was built at the Northern machine-building enterprise (Sevmash) July 30, 2012. Submarines of projects 955 and 955A developed the CDB for marine engineering “Rubin” (part of United shipbuilding Corporation, USC). Each of them carries 16 ballistic missile “Bulava”.

Egor Latyshev