the Russian Museum, offers to go back in time and see how he was over 100 years ago. To take a virtual walk through the halls and exhibits of the Museum a century ago by using a special mobile application.

“the Technological capabilities of the application allow you to travel back in time and compare familiar to modern audiences views of palaces, halls and expositions of the Museum, however, looked like the buildings that now make up the Museum complex of the Russian Museum and interior 100 and more years ago, and brought some Russian Museum in front of visitors in the last century” – talk about a unique new virtual project, the press service of the Museum.

get Acquainted with the interiors of St. Petersburg palaces and their hosts will allow pre-revolutionary rare archival photos, many of which will be first presented to the public. How was the fixture of the Grand-Ducal chambers to the needs of the Soviet time, tell photos of the Soviet years.

Each of the buildings belonging to the Russian Museum today, during its long history often changed their masters and their purpose, repaired and rebuilt. But now their fate is in reliable and professional hands of Museum professionals, who bit by bit to restore the historical appearance of the interior.

to travel in time is not necessary to buy tickets. The exhibition “History of the Russian Museum” is available in a free mobile application “Artifact” or on his official website.