the Russian motorists waiting for important changes this fall. This publication reports Autonews.

the New rules will affect primarily the cost of insurance. The boundary of the tariff corridor will increase significantly the minimum price of $ 2471, the ruble, and the maximum — 5436 rubles. Motorists will also be able to obtain an individual rate, calculated on the basis of a number of personal factors, such as the presence of gross violations of traffic rules, vehicle age, and marital status.

in the autumn will be resumed the procedure of inspection, which was suspended because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to the new rules, drivers will have to provide pictures of the entrance to the inspection point and exit from it. Also will check the coordinates of the vehicle and the coordinates of a point.

In the framework of the Federal project “road Safety” traffic police officers will get various new equipment for the qualitative assessment of the vehicles and the roadway. In particular, for emissions control diesel engine inspectors will be equipped with demmerle.

there will also be Changes in the documents of PTS and STS, so they will be entered additional data. The summer tariffs on toll roads will be extended until October 31, as Russia has changed the time frame of the holiday season because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

Earlier, the Bank of Russia reported about the tricks, which are the insurers when making insurance. The Central Bank found that some insurance companies violate the right of vehicle owners to purchase insurance policy. In order to comply with the formal requirements of the law, insurers do not deny the drivers and send them for inspection of the vehicle to another unit. There is an artificially created queue, the delayed timing.