Russian military doctors admired in Italy

In the Italian Bergamo continue to operate the Russian military physicians who are treating patients with coronavirus together with the Italian colleagues.

The work is conducted in field hospital. According to The Guardian, the local doctors were in awe actions of the Russian staff.

“Came the Albanians, the Cubans, the Chinese. But the Germans, French and Americans — no. Makes you wonder,” – said the President of the order of doctors bergamasco Guido Marinone.

It is noted that Russian experts have proven to be very effective. Satisfied and patients. Patient Mauro Polini of the Paladins believed that Russian specialists will be difficult to communicate, but translators did not have problems.

According to men, the doctors immediately reacted when his temperature rose to 40 degrees, according to “new York times”.

As reported, the monument to the Russian military doctors suggested the members of the independent cultural Association named after Leo Tolstoy from the Northern Italian town of Mulazzano.

The coordinator of the organization Marco Baratto expressed gratitude to the military who arrived in Italy to assist in the fight against coronavirus.

The baratto noted that it is particularly important to preserve the memory of those who ensured the victory over the epidemic after it’s over, writes “RIA Novosti”.