The RIA Novosti correspondent was in the centre of Belgrade, under tear gas that the police used against the demonstrators. A video published in the Telegram-channel Agency.

According to the journalist, the protesters started pelting police with stones, to which police have responded with tear gas.

It is noted that the situation at the Parliament building becomes restless. Some of the protesters tried to break through the cordon. One of the protesters, who threw the firecracker, the security forces withdrew from the area.

Earlier, the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic found guilty of organizing the protests in Belgrade. In a special address to the nation the head of state blamed the riots foreign intelligence agencies. He linked the protests and clashes with police with the forthcoming negotiations under the auspices of the EU on the issue of the unrecognized Kosovo. In Russia, statements about the “Russian trace” in the riots in Serbia called “low-paid”.

From 7 July in Belgrade there are protests against quarantine measures imposed by the government, Serbs stormed the Parliament building in protest. A small group managed to break through a police cordon and break into the parliamentary building, but the protesters pushed back the police. After the arrival of reinforcements, security forces used tear gas to drive away the crowd from Parliament house.