seven days Ago, Yekaterina Karaglanowa (†24) invited the last photo on your Instagram profile. It shows the Influencerin with sunglasses at the Pool, she presented numerous typical Hashtags like “I love traveling” or “traveling is my life”. Now the Russian woman was found dead in her apartment in Moscow.

the Russian News Portal “Moskovskij Komsomolets” writes, had Jekaterinas parents called the police after hearing five days of nothing from her daughter. Their concern was justified. As they entered, together with the apartment owner of the apartment, broke down the father in front of shock and had to be rushed to the hospital.

In the hallway of the apartment, a large suitcase, from the legs to the woman’s booth. On the chest and neck, several stab wounds were visible. Her throat was cut. Catherine wore on her body, only the tips of the trump card holder.

murder out of jealousy?

Although they had about 85’500 Followers, operating Yekaterina their Instagram Account just as a Hobby. The Russian worked actually, as a Doctor, specialized in dermatology and venereal diseases.

In the course of the investigation it was revealed that the 24-Year-old two men dated at the same time – a 32-year-old business man and a 52-year-old admirer. In addition to their erotic photos were see on the Escort pages. The 52-Year-old claimed to have no quarrel with his girlfriend had. 28. July wanted to fly the Pair is not together, according to Holland, the 25. To celebrate the birthday of Yekaterina.

The second man who was with Catherine are already together longer and their livelihood funded to have, could not be interviewed, because he traveled directly after the tragedy abroad.

He is currently seen as the main suspect in the murder case. Because immediately before the death of the young woman he is said to have spent four hours in the apartment before he left the house alone again. The recordings of the surveillance camera in the stairwell show. (you/klm)