Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners: reasons for growth of prices for bread no

Reasons for the growth of prices for bread due to the spread of the coronavirus no, said the Russian Guild of bakers and confectioners (Rospik).

signs of shortages of flour, bread and bakery products also no. “It (the deficit — approx. ed.) is simply impossible,” — said the President of Respek Yuri Katsnelson, reports “Interfax”.

the bread Market is growing, said Katsnelson. While the imported component in baked goods is minimal, as ingredients for the production of bakery products in Russia is enough.

the Ministry has said previously that online shopping creates supply of goods and increase orders from the suppliers of socially important goods. The Guild is constantly monitoring prices for bakery products, said Katsnelson.

According to him, the suppliers do not intend to raise prices for flour, bread and bakery products. In this case “linear growth of prices for bakery products for the entire year is to be expected”, because the prices can affect the increase of housing prices, rental rates, fuel prices, transport and packaging.

According to Rosstat, the production of bakery products non-durable storage increased in January-February by 1.2% yoy to 912 thousand tons.