Russian Governor and activist began the war from behind the fence

the Governor of the Penza region and the local activist started a war because of the fence. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

Concerned citizen albert Gerasimov known in his activities, was dissatisfied with the action of the Governor. Ivan Belozertsev put it on the road from the cottage’s fence and blocked the roadway.

Then Gerasimov wrote on the fence the call with a demand to remove it, stressing that the road does not belong personally to the official. Two days later, the activist was summoned to the police, assessing the damage from the paint on the fence in 1232 ruble.

the Wife Belozertseva, according to the channel, complained that he feared for his life because Gerasimov threatened to come to the house on the tractor and remove the fence. Currently, the activist awaiting trial.