Russian figure skater Valieva has won the Junior world championship

Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti Valiev set a record for the Junior world Championships in the short program

13-year-old Camilla Valieva in the tournament in Tallinn confidently won the short program, updating the highest achievement among juniors. Advantage over competitors was solid enough, but relaxing was impossible.

And Russian in the long program was also the best. Her performance, the judges praised in 152,38 points, and the sum of the two programs she scored 227,30 points. The second result showed another representative of our country Usacheva Daria – 207,74 points. Third was American Alice Liu 204,83. Another Russian Maya the Lame became the fourth – 198,24.

After the speech, Valiyev told reporters about his dream.

Photo: Alexander vilf/RIA Novosti Medvedev: I would Not change the past, although made a lot of mistakes

“Probably, becoming an Olympic champion. What we’re going. And then how everything will be solved. In figure skating my dream is to ride clean”, – quotes the words of the champion RIA Novosti.

His speech in Tallinn Valieva was evaluated very critical.

“Made a mistake on the first “coat”. Satisfied that gathered for the second “coat”, and I’m very glad that pure skated next. In the morning all the time thinking about the program, the jumps were a bit nervous”, she said.