Russian fighter su-27 crashed in the Black sea

su-27 su-27
the Ministry of defence

a Russian fighter jet su-27 on Wednesday disappeared from radar while flying over the Black sea. According to preliminary data, the plane fell into the sea, the pilot looking for a squad. This was reported in the defense Ministry.

“on 25 March at about 20:10 in the waters of the Black sea, 50 km from Feodosia during scheduled flight went missing the mark on the screens of the means of objective control of the fighter su-27. 20:11 was recorded signal of an emergency beacon in the region”, – said the Agency.

For search-and-rescue pilot in the district of beacon were promptly raised forces and means of search and rescue service of the southern military district: the plane An-26 and helicopter Mi-8.

“the Search for the pilot in the area of the operations have been hindered by difficult weather conditions”, – the Ministry noted.