As explained in the Department, there is a tendency to overflow in agriculture workers from other sectors of the economy. “In the current conditions of agro industrial complex is becoming increasingly attractive for the segment that largely contributes to the preservation of a stable situation on the labour market as a whole,” according to the Ministry. In addition, labor in agricultural sector attracted students of agricultural universities.

According to the Agency, today the Russian agriculture can provide employment to thousands of people across the country. In this agricultural season are ready to offer competitive salaries not only to provide jobs in the field, but also the possibility of skills development to qualified professionals in IT, engineers, mechanics, and engineers.

prior To a pandemic to seasonal work is often involved experts from the neighboring republics. However, the mode of isolation and the closure of borders did not allow them to return to Russia for the season. The Ministry of agriculture promised to raise the issue of attracting foreign citizens to work in the industry in the changing epidemiological situation in Russia.