Russian farmers ask for permission to build houses on their plots

Since 1991, when farmers began to obtain ownership of the land, they began to build them homes for their families, but soon became convinced that the “other” capital facilities on agricultural land is prohibited by law and put them on the cadastral registration is almost impossible. As a result, the majority of farmers with their families are forced officially to live in the settlements, and on the ride every day to work for a kilometer, and some a hundred. Of course, building and houses, which the authorities could carry (and bore) in all conflict situations, and to lawfully.

Photo: Igor Onuchin / RIA Novosti the Experts considered how much it will cost to become a farmer in Russia

due To the frequent changes of government under President Yeltsin the question, that is, “Podvis”. Farmers had a lot of supporters, but not less than it was and opponents. Supporters say that the principle “your house on your land,” created farmers of America, which became number one in the food market. Opponents said that it is not clear – whether there will be farmers at all, and legalized the house in the middle of the field for ever, if there are registered children and grandchildren. Besides standing in the field house was in need of communications – roads, gas, electricity, water, sewer – and it is for municipality a big headache.

– whatever it was, and in the first years the number of farmers reached 270 thousand, – said one of the first farmers, and now the President of AKKOR Rostov region Alexander Rodin. But the denial of the right to take root in the earth many a stop in the development. The meaning of life is lost, people get tired to wait and believe.

Now in Russia 176 thousand farms. In such a multiple reduction of the share of the ban on construction, toof course I have. Although it is not the main, but fundamental. Take the costs of protection: if the farmer has no right to live in his field, he hires guards – after three days. It is not only money, but also nerves, because they protect not their own, and at the field camp equipment for tens of millions.

This question the farmers were put before Vladimir Putin in 2011, at the Congress of AKKOR to Tambov. The President instructed to resolve personally to the Deputy Prime Minister, the leadership of the Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of agriculture, FAS, Ministry of economic development. But Ministers have changed the place of service, and who are still now there.

meanwhile, the farm is a strategic resource of any society, it shapes the spatial development of the territory. When they built the TRANS-Siberian railway from St. Petersburg to Port Arthur, along the road according to plan Witte – Stolypin housed the farmers-immigrants. Not only for the supply of troops and railway workers with food, but also to protect the road. The second generation of descendants of these settlers met the Nazis in the battle of Moscow – the “Siberian division” demographic resource.

Vladimir Putin has signed the law on patents for farmers

By 1940, in UK appreciated in full the policy of reducing private farming, when Nazi submarines began to sink the caravans of food from Europe and the colonies. On the Islands, the famine, and there plowed the famous lawns under the potatoes. The second revelation for the British was the urgent request of Prime Minister Churchill to evacuate children from cities into small farms. It’s hard to bear, but they were taken, to save the life of a whole generation.

Small villages and farms are places where the savings of the nation in case of war, technogenic catastrophes or epidemics. But to move to these places, there should be not just life – there must be production. And the farmer who lives in a large house with his family on their land.