Russian invalid Roman Trofimov, living in Estonia, dreamed about a trip to the Philippines for many years. Saved, caught cheap tickets. In March, a dream come true. The man flew to the Philippines capital of Manila. However, hit by a pandemic with all its consequences: the city’s quarantine, borders on the lock, no turning back. Philippines government banned Trofimov leave the airport. The man held in the terminal building more than a hundred days.

About the trouble the novel is told in social networks. Word of mouth worked. The other day the man returned to Estonia. However, homeland has seen him without applause.

what local authorities blamed a stuck traveler, why he became an antihero at home, as airport employees held hostage in an interview with Roman Trofimov.

– novel, you’re already home, as I understand it?

– Yes, back in the days. Sitting at home on 14-day quarantine. I admit, I wasn’t feeling well. Now will have to seriously engage in health.

– Helped the publication in the media solve the problem?

the Publication has helped. My problem was resolved within a few days. The ticket I paid for the Estonian authorities, I flew a normal flight. The route was Manila-Amsterdam-Tallinn. However, in Amsterdam, I missed the flight, after which the Estonian party hit me with the charges.

Why were you late?

– Because I hadn’t slept for two days. Confused flight. I’m lost at Amsterdam airport.

– Imagine you have started to panic.

the Panic was. But I quickly exchanged the ticket and flew on the next flight.

– the home you were met by the journalists. You become a hero in Estonia.

– At the airport I was met by journalists. But due to the fact that I missed the flight, then quickly turned to all from hero to anti-hero. I began to blame the fact that I spent the taxpayers ‘ money. Estonian journalists now don’t leave me alone, digging about me, get involved in personal life. I’m not a public person, to me such glory is not necessary. But if they want I have no problem to become public. I have much to say.

– the Estonian Authorities helped to resolve the issue with your departure?

– Helped, than could. But now the Estonian authorities for their “operation” thank you Consul, Ambassador, Philippines airport. As for the situation blame me. Now blame for the fact that I dared to be late for the flight.

You think who is to blame for the situation?

– the Problem is in my “gray” passport. The fact that I have an unusual identity document. On hand I have a passport of a foreign citizen. In my opinion, it is not a document, and a piece of paper. Of course, for the representatives of other countries, a passport seems suspicious. When I flew to the Philippines and showed the document withthe employees of customs control, then looked at me with distrust. At that moment, the outcome was already a foregone conclusion.

In the Philippines did not know that many residents of Estonia have such a passport?

– the existence of the passport of a foreign citizen only know in the European Union. When in Manila airport, I was given a boarding pass before boarding the plane gave me another half-hour checking my passport. The airline personnel, five of them considered the document, about 10 minutes tried to enter it in a special system scan. The paper simply couldn’t read.

All Estonians face such problems?

– Not all. The fact that my mother was born in Estonia, I was born in this country. After Estonia separated from the USSR, local authorities stripped of all non-indigenous inhabitants citizenship. Here we have no passport of the citizen of Estonia.

– How to get it?

– you Need to pass the exam on knowledge of Estonian history and language.

So what’s the problem, hand over.

I live in a region where 80 percent of the people are Russian – speaking. I have no practice of the Estonian language, I do not who to talk to him. I was told that before the collapse of the Union of Estonians were forced to learn Russian language, they didn’t like it. Apparently, now, they, in retaliation, trying to get the Russians to learn Estonian in order to pass the exam, get an education and a job. There is an opinion, if you want to be successful, learn the language and go to Tallinn. I think we want to deny their heritage and history.

were You born in Estonia, why for many years did not learn the language?

– In elementary school teacher of the Estonian language mocked me. After that I have no longer any desire to learn the language only in order to get a passport. I was born here, my ancestors were literally revived the infrastructure of Estonia during the Soviet era. Why should I pass some exams?

But without knowing the language you it must be hard to live in Estonia?

– Difficult, Yes. Moreover, there is a special service control, which determines the level of language proficiency. For example, these commissions come to the plant to check employees knowledge of the language. If the employee does not meet at least the minimum requirement, he gets a fine. Each time the penalty increases.

You work?

– Can only say that while I was sitting in the airport, lost his job.

You always encounter such problems when traveling abroad?

– I never traveled. So the problems did not arise.

by the Way, as you escorted from the airport where you have spent more than three months? The airline apologized for the inconvenience?

– Airlinethe company completely denied the fault. They think I’ve created problems for yourself.

– employees of the airport that you said goodbye?

the airport officials, too, said nothing. I just found out that the local authorities brought me to the black list. So in the Philippines I ordered the way.