The Russian Embassy in the United States demanded that the Bloomberg rebuttal articles about the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia, where given incorrect information about the number of hospital beds, the statement said the Embassy in Facebook.

"We require "Bloomberg" denials, apologies and respect to their customers", – noted in the Embassy.

The article Agency is the graph with reference to the world Bank, from which it follows that in Russia only 3.8 hospital beds per thousand population, while in countries of the Organization for economic and cooperation and development (OECD) average of 8.2 beds per 1 thousand population. The original data from the world Bank website, the link that brought diplomats, the opposite: 8.2 V Russia vs. 3.8 the OECD average according 2013.

The Embassy accused the Bloomberg outright lies in addition to the "politicized accusations unfounded".

"Editors "Bloomberg" descended to outright fraud and changed the graphics in some places. In this, any reader can see himself, comparing primary sources," the statement reads.

Listing the problems of Russia on the basis of graphics, the Agency has mentioned "insufficient funding, incomplete reforms, lack of medicines and equipment".

"so, technically, "Bloomberg" listed the problems of the OECD countries", – stated the diplomat.

"Lies about our country not able to win pandemic coronavirus. Such "magic" of pseudo in Russia, who shape public opinion in the West about our country, have long been a sad reality. Convinced, the readers and viewers of the leading American media deserve to be tested, but not consciously distorted information", – noted in the Embassy.

A review of Bloomberg Agency RIA Novosti has not yet.

The scandal surrounding the Bloomberg article on the mortality from COVID-19 in Russia

Earlier, Bloomberg published an article which asserted that Russia had incorrectly counted deaths COVID-19. Initially, the material was published under the title "Experts want to know why the coronavirus killed more Russians". After that, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook that this publication suggests that the West is conducting a disinformation campaign against Moscow.

After that the Bloomberg article was called "Experts wonder why the coronavirus killed more Russians," subsequently, the material was renamed again, now called the "Experts wonder about the Russian data on mortality from COVID-19".

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (exciter COVID-19) was first identified in December of last year in China. In onthe beginning of March who has admitted the outbreak of the pandemic. According to the organization, in the world are already infected nearly 4.7 million people, more than 315 thousand patients died.

In Russia today coronavirus diagnosed 299 941 inhabitants, of whom 76 130 recovered, 2837 patients died