Russian developers AI-solutions will receive a tax deduction for 10 years

developers of solutions in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) will be able from December 2020 to receive a tax deduction for ten years, noted in the draft roadmap of the development of AI in Russia.

Ten tax deductions provided for in the framework of the Federal project “Artificial intelligence”, marks RIA “news”. The Ministry will develop appropriate amendments to the Tax code and prepare the register of companies-developers of AI-based solutions and companies that adopt AI, which will receive tax benefits.

the roadmap provides for the establishment by June 2021, the mechanism of public-private partnerships for developers of AI decisions that the Ministry of economic development and Sberbank.

the savings Bank acts as a competence center for AI and is responsible for its development, the Bank operates a laboratory for AI.

Sberbank, “Gazprom-Neft”, “Yandex”, Group, MTS and RDIF signed in November 2019. the agreement on cooperation in the development of AI. RDIF has attracted $2 billion from foreign investors for the development of technologies of AI. One of the key tasks is the withdrawal of Russian companies in the field of AI on international markets.