Russian design will help to catch criminals by voice and video

Why is the name of the 151 eyes in English? And it’s simple: a phone conversation is monitored 151 setting, and you can be almost 90 percent to determine lying or telling the truth.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG FSSP adopted the procedure of a polygraph examination of candidates police officers

– the voice is the product of the activity of the human muscles, which are controlled from the cerebral hemispheres to the spinal cord, says one of the developers of the platform pigface Professor of MSU, doctor of psychological Sciences Alexei Gusev. – We catch the slightest changes, and the result is ready. It is important for us not what man says, but how. Therefore, to test on our platform you can at least French, though Tajik.

Working platform on the first glance very simple. From 15 minutes to half an hour on the normal phone, the subject passes the test.

Program with a complex algorithm calculates not only the mood of the client, but also his personality traits: energy, confidence, concentration, emotion, anxiety and even laziness.

That’s why the first who began to use the platform, turned out to be personnel officers of large companies, security services and security forces.

Program with a complex algorithm calculates not only false, but also features of human nature: energy, emotion, concern

As admitted one businessman, after checking staff found that 80 per cent steal. Recently from a major Bank leaked information. The lie detector came up with nothing. A “151глаз” calculated for the attacker, and even said that he was a drug addict and so I went on the offense. One airline has ordered the inspection of all their flight attendants at the goodwill to the passengers. Out of 350 only four girls rose to the occasion. Monday will start checking pilots. First of all, on a professional color.Oran. This is an important parameter for safety, not theft. Special technology capabilities in the fight against corruption.

You say that it’s fantastic and this does not happen? Russian scientists and IT specialists have developed a “lie detector” for the video image. Load the roller with an indication of the suspect and everything is clear as day. One of the first experts brought clean water Julia Skripal (you remember the controversial poisoning in Salisbury). Now, psychologists and computer scientists have figured out downloading it an interview to the BBC that her whole speech was rehearsed several times. The program will not hold.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS asguardian of check on the lie detector

– We have learned to recognize microemboli on the face that lasts 5-7 milliseconds. The eye does not see. Even the pulse of the person, the program recognizes the image. Modern neural networks can detect only mask emotions, which lasts much longer. This is the first time in the world. We have tested our technology on one large information database. No failures, says one of the leading technology developers analysis of facial expressions in the world, an expert in coding facial movements Michael bais.

In investigative practice a new technology has only one restriction. While the courts may not recognize the result of the analysis of facial expressions and voices. But it is.

the Subject must be sober and not under the influence of drugs. To sit in front of the camera and answer specially selected questions. The program knows all microemboli that can affect the face. For example, slightly stretched eyelid means increased attention to the subject matter. There are seven basic emotions, but the platform is able to capture the slightest nuances.

Sometimes this can reveal the most intricate crimes committedtion.

recently, “videoprogram” solved the crime 20 years ago.

the Program knows all microemboli that can affect the face. Cannot recognize emotions on the face that lasts 5-7 milliseconds

– And if a person suffers a tick or a woman a whopping dose of Botox? Or paralytic fugitive from justice? Your system will be able to determine the true emotions? ask Michael Baeva.

Nothing happened. We calibrate the program to the specific person, and he is at a glance.

– can in the crowd to calculate the terrorist?

Students will learn to control your emotions

– Alas, no… In the crowd when it passes in front of the camera. But if he had some time to answer the questions, Yes. In any case, our system is willing to use security forces. More I can not tell you for obvious reasons.

the Only people that can deceive new technology, they are artists!

– We have tested our product on a wonderful actor Benjamin Smekhova – shared Professor Gusev. – He is easily misled and voice, and video platform. But such people are few.

Who would think that big brother has invaded our privacy and this is not the limit. Not coincidentally, many employees of major banks and holding companies refuse to voice verify on the new program. Concerns are understood. You at a glance. What should HR and the boss. But there is another aspect.

the Time is now. Safety is valued above private life. The main enemy is terrorism. And you can win not only with guns and missiles. But such programs. Of course, to calculate the potential danger is not the temperature at the airport to measure. On the go will not work. But during the border and customs clearance to learn about the intentions of the person can be quite. And that means lives saved.