Russian car was on the verge of stopping

that the Assembly lines will have to pause for up to two weeks, has already announced some of the brands – Volkswagen, Skoda and Groupe PSA. However, the pandemic coronavirus can lead to a total stop in the industry.

market Experts have already called the situation unique for the Russian industry. Representatives of many factories of our country has declared to the edition “Kommersant” that among the scenarios of possible future include an option in which you will have to stop work.

mention it, in particular, sources in the Kaliningrad “Avtotor”, the Russian enterprises of Toyota and Renault, Sollers and GAZ group. However, the reasons for stopping are different.

Home – it’s all the same shortages of supply of components, but if the previously discussed components, which are made in China, now could dry up the European source of spare parts. In Europe have started to stop the conveyor in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among employees.

In our country, according to sources, may be affected and those companies that are “tied” to supplies from Europe, but has not yet announced a possible stop – for example, the Russian subsidiaries of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Another reason is the decline in consumer activity: the market simply can not “digest” as many cars as you can to collect plants. More or less optimistic about the future AVTOVAZ and KAMAZ, as well as Kia and Hyundai plants in South Korea, which produces components for Russian Assembly of cars of these brands already resumed work.

Text: Avtovesti