Russian car plants will stop for a week

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced next week after hours: according to the official version, is one of the means of preventing the spread of coronavirus. In accordance with the decree will stop almost all automobile production in the country.

For example, has officially announced the pause on the conveyor AVTOVAZ. Home send all employees not employed in continuous manufacturing processes, anti-terrorism protection, and industrial and transport safety. While workers ‘ wages saved.

the intention to suspend the Assembly and shipment of vehicles on Thursday said the group “Sollers”. “At the time from 28 March to 5 April will be suspended production and shipment of vehicles, receiving of parts and other operations not related to life support and maintaining accident-free status of the plants”, said “Finmarket” with reference to “Interfax”. Along the way, at the Ulyanovsk plant has announced the allocation of funds to provide targeted assistance to particular categories of employees.

the Suspension confirmed in Nissan, Hyundai, at the Tula factory of the brand Haval, enterprises of GAZ group, paid a “long weekend” will go most of the employees of KAMAZ.

However, some plants already said to stop conveyors in connection with shortage of accessories that come from Europe. They include, for example, Russian companies brands Peugeot, Citroen, Volkswagen and so on.

Text: Avtovesti