The crisis situation in Russian athletics that threatened to result in a complete suspension of Russian athletes for the year before the Olympics in Tokyo from participating in major competitions seems to be resolved relatively smoothly. The international athletics Federation (World Athletics) has agreed to defer payment of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) has been discharged after a high-profile doping incident with the jumper Danil Lysenko of the penalty together with “additional costs” $of 6.31 million, until August 15. The delay with the transfer of money in World Athletics Russian side could lead to a total exclusion of wfla, and so long under sanctions. The Minister of sport of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin confirmed that by mid-August the fine will be paid.Following the meeting of the Council of World Athletics, the Supreme body of the head athletic structure, she released a statement which says that the organization has decided to provide all-Russian Federation of athletics postponement to August 15, with payment of the assigned penalty. Technically it is $5 million, but together with “additional costs” the amount of debt is higher — $6.31 million Fine had to be paid before 1 July, but the club missed the deadline. This decision can be considered a big success for Russia, given her background. Problems of domestic athletics began in 2015. Since then, due to violations of the doping and the corruption of the nature of the club is in the position of the Federation, devoid of recognition. In this regard, the Russian athletes were forced to participate in an international competition in the neutral status. However, at the beginning of this year, the situation for them has deteriorated. The verdict of the World Athletics, who discovered fraud in doping case jumper Danil Lysenko, envisioned a complete elimination of wfla, and hence a total ban for Russian athletes to participate in international competitions in the event of failure of the recovery Protocol.One of its provisions was the payment Federation of a fine in the amount of $5 million, drawn to her World Athletics until July 1. In time wfla refers to the difficult economic situation, and not missed. Its President Yevgeny Yurchenko, came under a barrage of criticism from leading athletes, the risk to remain without work and miss the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, soon resigned.June rhetoric of sports of the Russian authorities in connection with the situation focused on the fact that the non-payment of a fine cannot, in accordance with the Olympic Charter to serve as the basis for the rejection of the “clean” athletes to the competition. However, in the appeal, presented directly before the meeting of the Council of World Athletics, wfla proposed to consider the possibility of transferring ��of Renate decision on the status of the organization at a later date, guaranteeing that it would not “stop to”.Their likely origin is revealed, the head of the working group World Athletics engaged in “Russian question”, rune Andersen. After the Council meeting, he unveiled the contents of the resulting structure from the Minister of sports of Russia Oleg matytsina letters. In it, according to Mr. Andersen, Mr. Matytsin assured that the penalty “will be paid till 15 Aug 2020.”Photo: Yury Martyanov, Komersantam Oleg Matytsin, commenting on the outcome of the meeting, confirmed the words of the rune Andersen, however, declined to disclose the specific sources used to repay the debt. The decision of the Council of World Athletics he called the “signal to continue the joint work.” Speaking about prospects of resolution of the conflict, Oleg Matytsin said that the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation “actively” interacts with the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR), and that the Agency “stands ready to provide support of the club”.Alex Armor“Kommersant” has collected the history of doping athletes from 2000 godcity next