Russian athletes have contracted the coronavirus from the Italians

two More Russians became infected with the coronavirus. Infected revealed doctors the United Arab Emirates. Athletes have been infected, likely from the Italian participants of the annual Cycling race “Tour of UAE”. Now the entire team is quarantined.

“Tour of UAE” — a prestigious multi-day cycle race, which passes through the territories of all seven Emirates and gathers the world’s best team. However, instead of exciting competition, just two stages and quarantine in a hotel in Abu Dhabi. The two Italian riders discovered coronavirus. The competition was canceled, some of the athletes isolated. In isolation there are Russian riders. Complaining that he had not received any official documents. On the floors even turned off the elevators and the stairs guard.

In the end, after a medical test is not the most pleasant news: two of our athletes were found to be infected. Besides them, two riders from Germany and Colombia, and two Italians.
the Ministry of health UAE said that all patients in stable condition will receive all necessary medical care. In the Russian Embassy stressed that are in contact with the Russian team, as well as with the authorities of the Emirates.

“the Competent authorities of the UAE on its part has assured that they will be held re-tests, — says Yuri Vidickas, Deputy head of Russian diplomatic mission in the UAE. And we can be properly informed about the state of health of the infected”.

the Quarantine for other Russian riders will continue for another 10 days, after which all go home.