“regardless of who wins – the conservatives or labour, we will always try to work on improving the relations between our countries. Now conservatives won, and we work with them,” the Ambassador said. According to him, this is Moscow’s position renders meaningless interference in elections in the UK.

Kaelin also noticed that in today’s world it is impossible to ascribe hackers to any one particular country. However, the Commission understands that in the case of attempts to interfere in the elections of 2019, has found that several attacks were directly from the UK.

Earlier in the Embassy of the Russian Federation noted that the same publication in the British media about the economic and trade negotiations, the UK and the USA, which was attributed to “Russian actors”, passed almost unnoticed. “How the episode is poorly reflected in the British media, could affect the outcome of the election campaign – this may explain the authors of this “investigation”. We don’t understand,” said the Embassy.

the Embassy also noted that Moscow the past several years, we offers London to establish a professional dialogue for the consideration of emerging issues. “The British authorities are aware of the Russian National coordination center for computer incidents, specially created for this purpose. However, no complaints in connection with these incidents to us through official channels has not been received. Therefore, we are dealing not with genuine concern about computer security, and from a purely propagandistic step”, – emphasized the diplomat.