Syrian and Russian Jets flew in on Saturday for dozens of attacks in the North-West of the country, such as the London-based, and the Opposition close Syrian Observatory for human rights reported. At least six civilians were killed, including two children.

The death toll since the beginning of the recent escalation of five days ago, increased the human rights learning, in order to 69. In the province of Idlib and the neighboring province of Hama, it came on Saturday to at least 110 attacks. Helicopters were also around 50 of the internationally banned barrel bombs.

hospitals have been attacks in the Region be the target of air. In the course of the past week, three hospitals were damaged and out of operation has been set, said the world health organization (WHO). Together, the facilities provided therefore, up to 11’000 patients in a month. The WHO condemned the attacks.

the attacks are growing fears that the government of President Bashar al-Assad could begin a long-planned military offensive on the rebel territory. In the Region of around three million people, around half of them are refugees. Aid organisations warn in case of such an Offensive from a humanitarian disaster. Since September, the existing truce for Idlib is increasingly disregarded.