Russia will win epidemic

President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the construction and redevelopment of health centres in the regions stated that Russia will win the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“Russia will win this epidemic. We pass this difficult stage,” – said the head of state on a teleconference with governors and Ministers.

The President also noted that the real qualitative changes in the health system must feel all the Russians.

“This victory (over coronavirus) would be more significant if in this difficult time we will make the system of medical care in the country, in all regions of stronger, more modern, efficient and accessible to such qualitative real change are primarily felt by our citizens. I want to set you on a joint, shared effective work”, – Putin said, RIA “Novosti”.

He also stressed that all work to combat coronavirus should be done properly and in time.

“All tasks must be solved not only strictly in time, regardless of what difficulties, but also qualitatively and professionally,” the President said.

In addition, Putin pointed out that “in the near future will also generate additional Federal reserve of medicines and equipment, and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, please promptly establish a mechanism for the direction of those stocks in those regions and medical institutions, which is the most difficult situation.”


Earlier, the President at the meeting said that said that the work on the creation of hospital beds in Russia should be completed by April 28. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the meeting announced the creation of group of 10 thousand and 3.5 thousand vehicles to assist regions in combating coronavirus.