Began shooting the social drama “Products 24”. This is the debut feature film by Mikhail Borodin. Last year under the working title “Snow flying up” it was presented at the protection project at the Ministry of culture, which supported the next film. Producer Artem Vasiliev, the pattern is the company “Metrafilms”. The project was also joined by co-producers from Germany (production company Perfo) and Turkey (the film company, Karma films). Shooting was to begin in June, but because of the pandemic coronavirus has been rescheduled for early August. However, in September at the Venice the Venice market Gap-Financing Market, the creators plan to show the first footage.

the film is based on real events that occurred in 2012 in the Moscow district Golyanovo. Then were liberated women, who for many years lived and worked in slave-like conditions in one of the grocery stores in the city.

“the Film is about the global problem of slavery through the story of the main character, who lives struck her test. She wanted to earn a living, and was in a terrible situation. “Product 24″ I specifically aspire to the conventions in film language, the film was not a parade of violence, because the real story is quite hard. If it is to tell and documented in detail, for the audience it ceases to be true,” says the film’s Director, Mikhail Borodin, who himself was born and raised in Uzbekistan. Namely, in Sochi, a small town near Tashkent. The Michael “I’m normal” was shown in 2018 at the Cannes film festival in the “week of criticism”. His new short film “Check”, made jointly by the companies “Metrafilms” and “Saga” that tells the story of a girl-emigrant from Uzbekistan to Russia, participated in the main competition of one of the most prestigious short festivals in Europe OFF – Odense International Film Festival. Also in postproduction. is a documentary film, “Cotton.”

the Performers in the film “Products 24” – representatives of Central Asia, mostly non-professional actors. In the selection of actors Michael focused on photos of real people from history Pro “golanowski slaves”, published in the media. Creating images, he tried to draw a General picture of the lives of migrants from Central Asia, combined or otherwise shared cultural code: Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Turkmens.

In the first block of shooting will take place in the space of the Moscow store products.

“I was surprised and sadly discovered that the only movie that seriously raises the problem of migrants from the former Soviet republics, is “IKE” Sergei dvortsevoi. This is the only serious conversation about migrants, the fate of women, feminism and postcolonial Russia. I would like to have this conversation farther and deeper. Some people are in a completely powerless position, others use it. Such issues are of concern to me, and the conversation about them is not conducted. The store in Golyanovo and now continues to work. Half of the film takes place in Uzbekistan is done in order to look at the problem was multilateral, the audience saw it both outside and inside. All people, be they Russian, and Uzbeks – will have its own point of view, and I thought it was important to connect them, bridge the gap,” says the film’s Director, Mikhail Borodin, who himself was born and raised in Uzbekistan. Can you advise the Director to watch the movie “She” by Larisa Sadilova, and the series “Salaam, Moscow!”, other films on the topic of life of migrants in Russia, it will open new horizons for themselves. But better after shooting your own movie with its own special author’s vision.

just about the meaning of authorship and says the producer Artem Vasiliev

“Film “Products 24” Mikhail Borodin we are in “Metrafilms” to continue the line of the debut author’s projects. Initially, Misha was a different scenario, but I offered to take on this terrifying real story, which he told me. The new script has gone through several stages of the creative discussions with the international scenario experts. The project participated in cocoPITCH – pitching market co-production – film festival Cottbus in the German and in the Next Step program critics Week at the Cannes festival in 2019. Thus, we attracted the interest of international co-producers who joined the project, as well as festivals and new markets projects. For example, in September, at the Venice the Venice market Gap-Financing Market, we will show the first footage”.

Also in the crew pictures Director of photography – Ekaterina Smolina, production designer: Vladislav Ogai, costume designer – Olga Shelepova, artist – Maria Tutukina. Executive producer – Maxim Dobromyslov

Roles: Sahara Noruzbaev (Muhabbat), Lyudmila Vasilyeva (Jeanne), Tolibjon Suleymanov (Beck), Asel Tatubaeva (Luda) Mukhlisov camile (Lola) Aziret the Abdykadyrov (Karim), Gulnaz Kasimbaeva (Nadia), Adyar Mukanbetov (Hasan), Muxlisa Sattarova (of hilala), Bakiya Kasymova (Umid), Aisulu Toleubekova (Nadir), Gulrukh Irgasheva (Husner).