Russian Federation mirror response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Slovakia. This August 10 reported in the Russian foreign Ministry.

Followed by a mirror — this was reported TASS in the foreign Ministry.

Wrote, the Slovak authorities have accused Russian diplomats of spying and said their expulsion from the country. The story about this showed the Slovak TV channel Markiza. According to the newspaper, we are talking about three men who are accused of ties with Russian intelligence services.

Foreign Minister of Slovakia confirmed 10 August that the authorities expelled three employees of the Russian Embassy in Bratislava. In accordance with the statement of the Slovak depodesta, their activities allegedly violated the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

In June, two representing the Russian diplomats sent to the Czech authorities. Declared persona non grata persons worked at the Russian cultural center. In response Russia took symmetrical action and sent the Director of the Czech centre in Moscow and an employee of the institution. According to the press-Secretary of the Czech Ministry of foreign Affairs of suzani Stihovi, due to the lack of regular flights between the two countries expelled went home by car.