“We are carefully analyzing all of the agreements on avoidance of double taxation, which have the Russian Federation with foreign partners, – said A. Overchuk. – Now we look at Switzerland, Hong Kong from the point of view in order to appeal to them with similar offers. In case your instruction, Mr Putin, we will do that.”

the President reminded that we are talking about those countries which, thanks to a double tax Treaty can withdraw money, for example, in the form of dividends, without payment of tax in Russia the tax is paid at a reduced rate in a country in which money can be withdrawn. “We have a personal income tax of 13% in ultisols, 2, – gave the example of Putin. – It stimulates the output of capital abroad”.

In March, the President instructed the government to amend the double tax Treaty with the countries through which most resources of Russian origin, so that revenues that are derived from Russia, were subject to the fair tax. In case of refusal to change the agreement Russia is ready to withdraw from them unilaterally.

on Monday, the Russian side has completed the negotiation about the change of the double tax Treaty with Cyprus (a key offshore jurisdiction, in terms of volume passing through it resources of the Russian origin) in 2021 Russia will charge the dividends and interest that appear on the island, the tax rate of 15%. According to the Ministry of Finance, the additional income that will receive the Russian budget, can range from 130 to 150 billion rubles annually.

As earlier reported, the Ministry of Finance, Malta and Luxembourg are also generally agreed on Russian proposals. “As for the Netherlands, here the Dutch still have time to prepare a response, so we are still in the standby mode, said Overchuk. But if they delay, then, of course, we told them about this recall”.