Russian scientists expect by the end of 2020 to launch into orbit the first satellite that will monitor weather in the Arctic region, reports RIA "news" with reference to the statement by the Director General of NPO Lavochkin, Vladimir Kolmykov.

"currently, spacecraft "Arctic-M" number 1 and is made of electro-radio engineering at the disassembled spacecraft. In accordance with the schedule launch is scheduled in late 2020," said Kolmykov.

According to the head of the Association, the second such satellite to be launched in 2023.

He noted that the satellite "Arctic-M" will be placed on a highly elliptical orbit that will allow it to collect information from the polar regions of the planet that are not visible in other Russian satellites.

Using this device, the researchers plan to study the extent of climate change on the Earth and increase accurate weather forecasts in polar regions.