Russia voted against the PACE resolution on the Crimea and Minsk

the resolution on the ten countries under monitoring, including Russia, adopted by the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The Russian delegation voted against it. Parliamentarians from Russia was not satisfied with several paragraphs.

for Example, PACE resolution calls to return the Crimea to Ukraine to fulfill the Minsk agreements that Moscow, along with Berlin and Paris is the guarantor of their implementation and the mediator in the negotiations between Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk. “Russia is not even a party to the Minsk agreements”, — tried to explain to the European Parliament, the Deputy of the Duma Nikolay Ryzhak.

PACE Also calls on Moscow to “eliminate any legal barriers to unconditional execution of the decisions of the European court of human rights”, reports “Interfax”. Russia says the resolution must fully and unconditionally cooperate with the joint investigation team and the public Prosecutor’s office to prosecute the perpetrators of the crash of flight MH17 Malaysia Airlines under Donetsk Thorez. And besides, from Moscow MEPs waiting for “effective measures for the prevention of violations of human rights” of sexual minorities.

“We strongly disagree with the text of the resolution,” — said state Duma Deputy from Chechnya, Samail sarailiev.

He was outraged that the resolution stresses the involvement of Russia to the collapse of the Malaysian aircraft in 2014, which is not true. But the PACE delegates these objections did not stop, they decided to strengthen the wording, completely depriving them of any connection with reality. After that, prescribed in the document for the phrase: “Russia must fully implement the Minsk agreements which participant is the Russian Federation.” By the way, this amendment was made to the Ukrainian delegation.

the Resolution was adopted with the votes of 49 members, 17 voted against and three abstained. This is despite the fact that the Assembly part 321 of the MP.

I Should add, except that Russia is under the PACE monitoring are still nine countries. And this is just Ukraine, Georgia and Albania, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia and Azerbaijan.