The Ministry proposes to move to a point system of evaluation the level of localization in shipbuilding. Theoretically this should facilitate shipyards task the recognition of them products of the Russian, which is a mandatory requirement for access to, for example, crab auctions. In the future, the Ministry plans to provide more subsidies for those vessels that will be built with a significant excess of minimum requirements. In the industry has been cautiously optimistic about this initiative.As it became known “Kommersant”, the Ministry has prepared a new edition of the resolution 719 (contains a list of operations and equipment required for the acceptance of products produced in Russia) in respect of shipbuilding. In particular, the Ministry proposes to move to a point system of calculating the level of localization. Such a system already operates in the automotive industry. Now the resolution 719 should correspond to small fishing vessels and all vessels built under the crab auctions. In addition, it is planned to oblige businesses to use only the Russian court for some types of work (see “Kommersant” on August 1, 2019).As noted in the letter from the head of profile Department of Ministry of industry and trade of Boris Kabakov, sent may 25, industry enterprises and shipyards (a copy is in “Kommersant”), the draft resolution has been prepared “taking into account critical comments of industrial enterprises about the difficulty of matching some of the requirements for the production of shipbuilding”. In the new edition of each category the ship equipment is assigned a certain number of points, which are formed in proportion to the value, explained in the document.The greatest number of points assigned to the ballast system of the floating unit (700 points), main power plant (450 points), covers the holds (375 points), equipment for fire fighting (350 points), the pontoon-floating counterweight block (300 points), sanitary equipment and equipment for cabins companies, as well as towing winches (250 points), the circle rudder propellers (245 points), bilge refrigerating and freezing machines (230 points), the propeller motor and propeller shaft (200 points). In addition to the court were recognized by the Russian, the shipyard, as before, should be right on the technical documentation, and in the territory of the Russian Federation should be carried out laying of building, launching, carrying out of mooring and sea trials and vessel delivery.Additional points can be obtained for cutting of metal, production and saturation sections, as well as the use of Russian raw materials and paints.In the end of July 2021 for the objects of sea and river vessels must receive at least 1.5 thousand points, for seagoing vessels of not less than 2 thousand points, for vessels of mixed (river—sea) and inland vessels and fishing vessels — 2,5 thousand points. Every two years (by 2025) required level will be increase by 500 points. In the future, the Ministry intends to increase state support for the courts, gaining a large number of points, introducing multiplying factors to subsidies interest rates on loans and the recycling grant.In the United shipbuilding Corporation, “Kommersant” reported that they welcome all changes to simplify for customers, design offices and factories-builders of the procedures of counting of the level of localization in each specific on-going project of construction of a vessel. In the Russian fishery company (RCC) note that support, the government’s strategy of localization, “it is necessary that requirements for depth localization was formulated based on current and future possibilities of the Russian producers, that is was achievable.” Other companies still find it difficult to assess the prepared change. Kommersant’s source in the shipping industry notes that, at first glance, change is absolutely correct and the point system “will help eliminate the questions is whether your sanitation system of the Russian if the Russian crane and hose — no.” Another source of “Kommersant” notes that the transition to the Russian equipment could face a deterioration of the parameters of the courts that negatively affect business.The head “Infoline-Analytics” Michael Burmistrov says that, in General, the transition to the numerical score looks progressive, but important to the quality of regulation. In the current version assign points appears to be unbalanced: for example, for a complex diesel-gear units is given 50 points, and for the lifeboat to 45 points. In addition, the need to prevent “pseudolocalization” with the screwdriver Assembly of imported components, concludes Mr. Burmistrov.Anastasia Vedeneeva