Russia suspends flights to South Korea

while the Ban is not total: the country will continue to operate flights “Aeroflot” and “Aurora”. Diagram of the receiving aircraft will be the same as in the case of China – to adopt the Board will continue to be “one-sided”, in a specially equipped terminal at Sheremetyevo airport. The implementation of anti-epidemic measures in the standard: check the health of passengers and crew members, the vessel desirable the designated area. As for China, at the staff meeting it was decided to extend the restriction of flights to China, at least until April 1. Until that time will be closed and the land border with China. It was also decided to limit contacts with Iran, where in recent days there was an abrupt increase in the number of cases and is deaths. Golikova said that from February 28 Russia temporarily stops issuing visas to citizens of Iran, except for humanitarian and business. The validity of this restrictive measures not yet determined – it depends on how to develop the epidemiological situation. As for Italy, here a ban on flights yet.

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At the same time, the Russian government expects that citizens will remain cautious and refuse to fly in the Apennines.

Today, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that the risk of penetration of the coronavirus in Russia increase. “All patients with pneumonia in Russia will be tested for the coronavirus,” said Popov. However, with the spread of the virus in Russia. Diamond Princess arrived with the Russians, passing quarantine in Vladivostok, healthy. Being in the infectious diseases hospital in Kazan, the virus was diagnosed in three people, the disease occurs in mild form. All feel good, said Rrospotrebnadzore. Golikova also noted that the medical institutions of the country prepared for a possible increase in the number of patients.

the increased threat of an epidemic, the government returned to the discussion on strengthening of responsibility for violation of the quarantine. For the first time about this need spoke Anna Popova – immediately after the escape of four patients under quarantine in an infectious disease hospital in St. Petersburg. Two of them, recall, returned to the hospital voluntarily, but two more re-hospitalized by court order like that.

Now, when infection widely scattered around the world, to control the flow of possible virus carriers is getting harder. Therefore, the theme of respect for citizens anti-epidemic rules is becoming increasingly important. What measures will induce citizens to comply with the order of being in quarantine, Tatyana Golikova is not specified – this issue is being discussed.

however, other States one by one make a decision on the introduction of austerity measures. For example, in Singapore the authorities have threatened to punish citizens who do not abide by the quarantine, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or a fine up to 10 thousand Singapore dollars (about 7.2 thousand U.S. dollars). And if the quarantine violates foreigners with them immediately terminated the employment contract and deported.

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In South Korea, also imposed a measure of restraint of liberty. “The existing penalty for the violation (mode) hospitalization or quarantine in the form of a fine in the amount of three million won (approximately 2.4 thousand USD) is enhanced to imprisonment for up to one year and fines of up to 10 million won (about 8.2 thousand USD),” – said the official withcommunication of the Ministry of health and social security of the RK.

Even in a tolerant European countries, the government connect security officers for monitoring compliance with anti-epidemic regime and impose additional sanctions on citizens. In Italy violators were threatened with imprisonment up to three months.


Russian scientists have developed five prototypes of vaccines against coronavirus COVID-19, this was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. She confirmed that a live strain of the coronavirus in Russia. The Vice Premier did not specify from which source he received it, saying only that it is not from China.

Live strain necessary to produce the biomaterial in the production of the vaccine. According to the Vice-Prime Minister, the Russian scientists produced five prototypes of the drug. Earlier in the Ministry of health explained that allocate live strain among patients in Russia that failed.