In Russia sold equipment for artificial lung ventilation (ALV) from the 1990s to 700 thousand rubles apiece. About it reports “Kommersant”.

we are Talking about devices “Phase-5НР”. The organizer of the sale, according to the investigation, is the former Deputy Nizhniy Novgorod Gordumy from “Fair Russia” Valery Gelinas. It is noted that medical equipment, long stored in warehouses and not having a licence, was bought for a pittance in a warehouse in Kostroma.

the First batch of 286 instruments, was delivered to the village Novokharitonovo Ramensky district of Moscow region. It was unloaded on a vacant warehouse Gzhel factory “Insulator”. Then Gelinas and his partner Igor Bortnikov placed an ad online, offering one ventilator for 700 thousand rubles. However, to realize the product failed.

Soon the warehouse under the guise of a buyer arrived operative suburban Obepi, armed with audio and video equipment. He stated that it plans to purchase 100 sets of medical equipment. Law enforcement recorded a conversation in which the sellers have confirmed the lack of permits, but promised for two thousand rubles her quick draw.

as a result, the traffickers were detained. They were charged with attempted fraud.

In February it was reported that in Moscow, three entrepreneurs gave about 10 million rubles to fraudsters selling non-existent medical mask from the coronavirus on “Avito”.

Swindlers sold a total of 640 thousand masks at 1.5 rubles per share (the average price). The Director of one of Moscow’s restaurants McDonald’s gave to swindlers 144 thousand rubles, another entrepreneur — about 100 thousand. The remaining amount of the fraud received from the owner of a pharmaceutical company Eugene P. for a large batch of masks.