The head of the National center for reducing nuclear danger Sergey Ryzhkov have listed them in an interview with the defense Ministry newspaper “Red star”.

In his opinion, there are at least two reasons. Also, according to him, the real reasons for the US withdrawal from the DON “not the ones who declared the Americans”.

“First. The desire of Americans to control the whole space (communications, navigation, monitoring space debris, remote sensing and others), and that to earn good money in future by selling the relevant materials,” he said.

The second reason, in his opinion, the reluctance of the US to allow on its territory. It stems from the fact that the increased benefits the Russian side to obtain information, says Ryzhkov. Head of the Center added that “by implementing the DON of advanced technologies”, Russia overtook partners about six or even seven years.

“From experience I can say that the implementation of agreements in the field of arms control there are different kind of controversial situation, both legal and technical nature. After all, in the implementation of the DON involved 34 of the state party, and each of them has their understanding of certain provisions of the Treaty. But these issues are being resolved peacefully within the framework of the Advisory Commission”, — he stressed.

May 21 it became known about the US decision to leave DON. The White house explained that the intention of the violations from Moscow — supposedly Russia during flights over the United States followed the whereabouts of the American President. Moscow rejects Washington’s accusation.

The open skies Treaty signed in 1992, now includes 24 participating countries. According to the document, the participating countries can make reconnaissance flights over each other’s territory to monitor military activity and observance of operating contracts in the field of arms control.